Clients: PFIs

Frontline Service: Wholesale Lending Programs

Maximum Turn-around Time: 30 Calendar Days (per GCG approved metrics)

Schedule of Availability of Service: Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fees: 0.2% to 0.5%  of  amount of loan


Documentary Requirements:

1.Letter of Intent to participate in SBC’s Wholesale Lending Program (or Board Resolution to Borrow from SBC and on authorized signatory/ies);
2.Business registration papers:
3.For banks/NGOs/Other Lending Institutions – SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, BSP Authorization to Operate (for banks); Authority to operate from SEC (other lending institutions)
4.For Cooperatives – CDA Registration, Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws, Certificate of Compliance
5.Notarized Personal Information Sheet of BOD and Key Officers w/ recent 2x2 photo (for banks – as submitted to BSP; for non-banks – completely filled out SB Corp Personal Info Sheet)
6.Profile of MSME and/or MF lending unit
7.Schedule of borrowings including details on terms of payment, collateral cover and credit status
8. List of Creditors w/ contact persons & their respective position and telephone/fax numbers
9. Certificate of good standing from creditors & BSP (if availing of BSP's rediscounting line)
10.Authorization to conduct credit inquiry with other creditors/funders
11. Audited Financial Statements w/ Notes (last 3 years)
12. Latest Interim Financial Statements w/ attachments (not more than 3 months old)
13. Latest Risk-based CAR as submitted to BSP (for banks)
14.Latest BSP CAMELS Rating (for banks) 15. Latest status report on DOSRI loans (if applicable)
15. Operational Highlights (same cut-off date as interim FS):

  Areas of operation (province/municipality)

  Breakdown of Total Loans (Current/Past Due/ITL)

  Aging of Past Due Loans

  Breakdown of MF Loan Portfolio (current/PAR)

  Aging of MF PAR

16.        Loan Loss Provisioning Schedule (latest year-end and interim FS)

17.        Business Plan indicating the following:

  Areas of expansion

  Estimated number of borrowers per area