Clients: MSMEs

Frontline Service: Retail Lending Program

Maximum Turn-around Time: 30 Calendar Days (per GCG approved metrics)

Schedule of Availability of Service: Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fees : Commitment Fee – P4,000.00

Minimum Requirements for applying MSMEs:

ª  Must be an on-going business with established production/service capabilities and market share

ª  Must have positive net income for the immediate past year based on in-house financial statements

ª  Must have an asset size of at least P500,000 but not more than P100 Million exclusive of the value of the land where the project  is located

ª  Business must not belong to an industry that is among the SB Corp exclusionary list – engaged in vice generating activities, pure trading of imported goods (unless value added services are employed which impact positively on the domestic market) and real estate development (but SME contractors are qualified)

ª  Must be Filipino-owned (at least 60% if Corporation)

Forms to be accomplished by applicant:

a.   Business loan application form

b.Client information sheet
c.Loan applicant’s authorization to conduct bank verification or inquiry on its credit dealings and/or deposit accounts


Other documentary requirements to be attached to accomplished forms listed above:

 a.   Business registration papers

b.In-house financial statements (past 3 years including latest year-end and interim financials)
c.Breakdown of Accounts Receivable with aging schedule; List of inventories
d. Location map of the project/business site
e. Proof of billing at residential and business addresses
f.List of suppliers, buyers, creditors (and lessor, if business site is rented)

Fixed Asset Financing:

a.Supplier quotation on equipment or vehicle to be purchased
b.Bill of  Materials and labor for site construction or renovation


a.Certified true copy of land title or certificate of registration for motor vehicle
b.Tax declaration, Tax clearance, Tax Receipt or copy of Official Receipt for vehicle