Small Business Corporation envisions becoming the leader in small enterprise development financing and small credit delivery systems nationwide. The Corporation has focused on developing an appropriate mix of financing products that are responsive to the needs of SMEs in the country.

Over the years, the Corporation has evolved its product line from generic credit and credit enhancement facilities—catering to both nearly bankable SMEs and small banks in need of liquidity support—to more evolved lines that focused the financing facilities to specific products and/or sectors.

The Corporation's credit facilities includes wholesale and retail lending programs, which targets banks engaged in MSME lending, and pre-bankable small to medium sized businesses. The credit guarantees services banks with SME accounts that need additional collateral cover.

The Corporation also provides capacity building programs for banks and MSME clients. Training programs varies from computerized accounting and enterprise development training for MSME's to Risk-based lending to SMEs for financial institutions.

Retail Lending

Retail programs provide an alternative source of funding to SMEs for financing various activities. Loans may be availed to finance letters of credit, confirmed purchase orders, receivables, working capital, and asset acquisitions.




Wholesale Lending 

 Wholesale programs focus on the liquidity needs of banks by providing them access to short-term and medium-term financing. The Corporation has partnered with banks, non-governmental organizations, and cooperatives to extend its reach.




Credit Guarantees

 The guarantee programs are designed to augment the collateral cover of SMEs to encourage banks to lend to small and medium sized enterprises with collateral deficiencies.