The MSME note is a non-negotiable interest-bearing certificate of indebtedness issued by SB Corp qualified as compliance with the  mandatory allocation of credit resources to MSMEs.


Since 1993, SB Corporation has been issuing PN as alternative compliance with the mandatory allocation provision of credit resources to MSMEs.    For the past 18 years, the corporation holds a track record of  a zero default rate on all its  borrowings.




 Features of MSME Note




6 months or 1 year

Eligible Purchaser

All under-complied banks


Percentage x PDSTF

Value Date

Upon receipt of clearance of payment


DST and withholding tax

Pre-termination Clause

Allowed after 90-day holding period; cost is equivalent to 50%

Risk Mitigation

(a) liquidity fund coverage of atleast 21% of the outstanding principal and/or (b)  Placement may be secured  with a Deed of Assignment of Government Securities (DAGS) equivalent to 60 to 100% of the outstanding placement




 For MSME Notes application details, kindly contact:


Fund Sourcing and Management Group


Fax No.              :            (02) 813- 5727

Trunkline            :            (02) 751- 1888

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Contact Persons                       

Juliet S. Calimlim                                   

Ismael Dumlao


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